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Chris crocker dating his dog

His father was an abusive alcoholic who abandoned Shane when he was 9, having addressed that many times in his videos.

Shane though always added that this has never hindered him and that not having a father would make him strive to be a better father for when he has children of his own.

Shane has commented that this channel is mainly seen by his hardcore fans, so he doesn't mind.

The video that he himself alleges shot him to fame was his FRED IS DEAD! He now has over 8.0 million subscribers on this channel alone and is one of the most well known You Tube stars on the site, reaching his peak number of the most subscribed list at #3 behind Ray William Johnson and nigahiga in 2010.

The two biggest series on this channel were "Ask Shane", a series which is a question and answer, and "Viewer Orgy Party" which is a reverse on the "Ask Shane" idea, instead of him being asked questions, he would ask them to his fans.

In February 2011, he moved "Ask Shane" to his main channel (Shane Dawson TV) because he found it was too much work to produce one every week, but he still did them occasionally.

With all the traffic of fans wanting to see it, the website kept crashing and it was expensive to fix it.

He uploaded the behind the scenes to this channel and later started putting vlogs on it.

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This channel started on April 3, 2009 and currently has 2.3 million subscribers.