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Liz was close to Regina Morrow and her brother Nicholas, which was unusual, since she usually doesn't like to mingle with the wealthy, finding many of them to be selfish snobs.

However, their sincerity swayed her and they became two of her closest friends.

They broke up after Jeff lied about his university plans and maintain an awkward friendship.

Conner Mc Dermott is Liz's primary love interest in Senior Year, Conner and Elizabeth's serious on-off relationship is an ongoing theme in the series.

Liz first tries to set up the new arrival with Enid Rollins working against Lila Fowler before she realises Jeffrey's interest in her and her mutual attraction.

They remain steady as a couple until Todd's return to Sweet Valley. After revealing himself as the writer of Elizabeth's secret Valentine's Day letters, the two began dating.

Elizabeth was kidnapped in Sweet Valley High Book #13 and was a traumatic experience for her. She writes the Eyes And Ears gossip column for the school newspaper, The Oracle.

After a brief fling with Maria, Conner fell for Elizabeth Wakefield.

They initially struggled with their feelings for each other, since Elizabeth felt guilty about pursuing Conner when her best friend was still interested in him.

For a while, John Pfeifer was also a friend, until he pursued a vicious (and ultimately fatal) vendetta against her sister's best friend, Lila Fowler.

She later unbent around Lila and are civil towards one another, although they aren't that close.

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Elizabeth is often called Liz by her friends and often calls Jessica 'Jess' who in return calls her 'Lizzie'.

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