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You eliminate formality and you create living space so that’s really desirable for social settings.

“As a gay man, I can tell you, you were worried about going out there and being scalped by some guy on a motorcycle.” Golden Valley was different.Best of both worlds The second annual Golden Valley Pride Festival on Sunday, June 11, commenced with thunder that roared like battleship guns and hail pelting the lawns of Brookview Park.Teams of volunteers, who arrived at the location as early as a.m., made sure the event would go off as planned.It was great to see that and feel how all these people were really excited to be where they were, and be a part of this community.” Last year’s inaugural local Pride Festival attracted some 3,000 attendees.Despite mercurial skies, this year’s festival quickly drew 1,000.

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Among those soaking it all in was Lisa Nordeen, a resident of Golden Valley for the last four and a half years.