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Hearing aid dating

Blazer and others recommend that pricing be unbundled, so consumers know what they are really paying for and can make choices.

But two-thirds or more of adults over 50 who might benefit from hearing aids don't use them. "One reason the prices remain high is that a fairly small group of companies controls the market," says Dan G. Consumer choice is also limited because hearing aid providers typically contract with only two or three selected manufacturers, says Carole Rogin, president of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA). This includes not only manufacturer's costs like materials and research and development, but also the expenses incurred by the provider: rent, salaries, training, licenses, diagnostic machines, marketing and ongoing patient support.Both hearing and deaf people can adopt either point of view.The pathologic view tends to look at deafness as a disability that can be corrected via medical treatment so the deaf person is "normalized." In contrast, the cultural view embraces the identity of being deaf but does not necessarily reject medical aid."The key to effectively treating hearing loss is the person who takes care of the patient," says Rita Chaiken, president of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) and an audiologist in Atlanta."If i Pads were personalized and worn in the body, those prices would rise too," says HIA's Rogin. Once anathema, direct-to-consumer online sales are now being embraced by many of the global manufacturers and industry organizations.

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Due to technology, hearing aids are now made more durable and comfortable.

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