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No bs video chat

Leverage the power of video to get people interested in your offerings.

Interactive, clickable video product demos, interactive infographics and immersive virtual reality data visualizations can all hook a visitor and encourage them to spread the word.

It’s probably easier to build your own website than it is to get an oil change for your trusty car. With the multitude of website building platforms, plug-and-play components and hosting services available today, a slick website that does what you actually want it to do is not a back-breaking project anymore.

But as anyone who’s ever managed a website will tell you, building a website is the easy part. Providing an engaging, fresh content experience for site visitors. Having been there and done that more times than most, here are my two cents…

This means, put together a beautiful slide deck or in-depth whitepaper and host it on your site before you write that mind-blowing guest blog for someone else.

Cult brands like Sony and Apple understand this very deeply.

A staggering 75% of respondents in a recent study by Bloom Reach revealed that Amazon’s personalized content suggestions were a key reason for their preference for Amazon as a shopping platform.

While each of Sony’s Play Station Forums is a veritable beehive of user interaction, news, views and engagement, Apple’s Community page is a multi-headed hydra that caters to discussions on every single product category that the company offers.

Each community within is like a subreddit of its own – any website owner’s dream!

This is a significant advantage, considering your customers are already more than halfway through their purchase process before their first commercial interaction with an online product/service vendor.

So the next time you think of burying your contact information under layers of webpages, understand that you’re only building walls between your brand and the user in the process.

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