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Old smith wesson serial number dating

marking mentioned above and markings put on for the foreign agents, (Crane and Nunn sales agents in England, Fd.Claudin Prevete A Paris in France, BBNA- British Bank of North America, etc).This is a transition piece where they were just using up parts they had in inventory. Recorded serial range 62471 - 71467 Parsons, on page 36 of "Smith & Wesson Revolvers" notes that #2 production ceased during 1867 and was not resumed until existing stocks ran out in 1868.

Those translated so far read Japanese: Imperial Arsenal, Police, and Army; and Chinese: Arsenal and Police.It has a better original trigger than my new 9mm CORE.I thought that the CORE would have been much better. I don't have the test fire date, but date code on the original box (7114) is April 24, 2007. Any help when it was made would greatly appreciated. since the number is a very low one I assumed it may have been an officer but its just speculation. On the slide it has Atlanta Police then a 3 digit number.

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