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Posted by / 18-Oct-2017 01:02

Problems updating steam

So today when i got to editing what version of Climates of Tamriel to use when picking the different settings in it and then went into the game to see how it was, i got a message indicating i had an older version of SKSE installed, so i thought i´d do what i always do and install the new version. I got the new version and i installed it as always before while looking at Gophers video on how to install.

When i was about to start the game and use the Get SKSEVersion command, i got an error box telling me to update to the latest version of Skyrim.

The reinstall of my windows would be done if i was forced to reinstall my game anyways..the way you describe and if i delete the local files from Steam and installs it again, in what way will that mess up my mods and their installations? I am very much so not a professional modder or mod user.

I install all my mods via NMM and nothing via Steam. I have runned BOSS to see if there where any errors in there, but my warnings where 0.

From where i sit, Steam would be the one i would blame. That is the latest PC version of Skryim Skyrim will have no more patches, thus there is no longer an option to opt into beta patches. a mismatch in version between the installer and the 7z archive of SKSE. I have re-installed my Skyrim twice and re-installed all my mods from the start, and since then played about 40 hours without one single crash.

Before i have been able to pick to participate in the Beta updates and for Skyrim as well. Also, several times now i have had to start the game via the launcer and it resets my graphical settings as it does on a fresh install and Steam cannot fully verify the gamefiles as i said in my first post. I would guess that one of the following happened 1. I have around 80 mods installed, BOSS tells me 0 warnings, 0 errors.

I cannot update Skyrim, there is no betaoption to choose and no matter what i do, i cannot do an update.

1: In Steam and in Skyrim Properties i cannot pick a beta.

AND used together gives you a really good idea what mods are recommended and in what order to download them. there are no more beta opt ins or updates planned for Skyrim (as far as i know) Edited by vlaka, 13 September 2013 - AM. improper SKSE installation The part on you cannot use old saves on a fresh install, i have to dissagree.

there's no need to reinstall windows based on a game not running correctly.

If the problem continues delete Skyrim via Steam then navigate to the steam folder via windows explorer and delete the Skyrim from \steam\steamapps\common\ and then redownload it via steam. Then it's a good idea to get tes5edit and clean the bethesda master files: scroll down to find how to clean the .esm's.

I have installed about 4 or five SKSE versions in the past since i started modding, but this is a first when it does not work as intended. All that need be done is ensure that the same mods are loaded and in the correct order. The script files could be setup for installation with NMM, but that isn't necessary.

However, there may be some issues if the mods were updated in the process.

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Hopefully you can help me with this, and i´m sorry if i am a bit too detailed on the steps up to the problem instead of just lining them up, but i thought i´d be as detailed as possible.