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Security group membership not updating

Changing a permission for the group affects all users in the group.Windows 2000 comes with several predefined security groups, and it is easy to create your own.A security group is composed of people who have similar roles in the department or in the enterprise.The group is often named after the role, such as the Windows 2000 built-in groups for Account Operators, Administrators, and Backup Operators Personnel who naturally belong on the same project or department mailing list probably belong in the same security group in Active Directory.It is necessary because the membership in AD groups is updated when a Kerberos ticket is created, which happens during the system boot and user login.In come cases, the system reboot or user logoff is impossible for production reasons.At TEC I had a conversation with someone asking me how they could flush the Kerberos tickets of a computer account without rebooting.

This strategy allows the resource owners or project leads to manage access by updating the appropriate group.

Obviously, without re-login a user won’t be able to access it.

Reset all Kerberos tickets of the user with this command: To see the updated list of groups, run a new command prompt window using runas for a new process to be created with a new security token.

This way your newly configured GPO’s (with security filtering based on a group) will be applied immediately (after running gpupdate).

All administrators know that after a computer or a user is added to an Active Directory group the computer has to be reboot (if the computer account has been added to the domain group) or a user has to be logged off and on again to update group membership or apply assigned policies.

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The services working only with NTLM authentication still require logoff and logon of a user or Windows restart.

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