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Retention of flowability of SCC at the point of discharge at the jobsite is an important issue.

Hot weather, long haul distances and delays on the jobsite can result in the reduction of flowability whereby the benefits of using SCC are reduced.

ACI Committee 237 is completing a guidance document that will provide guidelines to select the appropriate slump flow for various conditions.

The lowest slump flow required for the job conditions must be specified.

increasing the cement content or employment of some mineral admixtures.

When ordering and/or specifying SCC, consideration must be given to the end use of the concrete.Alternatively, pozzolanic fillers are frequently used to optimise the particle packing and flow behaviour of cementitious paste in SCC mixtures.In this study, cement content in the SCC mix is replaced with various percentages of limestone powder (LP) (0 to 30%), the fresh and hardened properties and also the durability characteristics of SCC such as acid attack and chloride attack are studied.Use of SCC saves time, improves working environment and opens the way for the automation of the concrete construction.Because of significant benefits, SCC may gradually replace most of the ordinary concrete currently produced.

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Formwork may have to be designed to withstand fluid concrete pressure, and conservatively should be designed for full head pressure.

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