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together from the same pot 6 days before their illness onsets.

Case-patient J was a family caregiver of patient H and provided close-contact care during his illness.

Surveillance physicians from Rangpur Medical College Hospital and Rajshahi Medical College Hospital identified suspected case-patients (Table), recorded clinical histories and home addresses, and collected whole blood samples from each.

None of the primary case-patients had any history of drinking fresh date palm sap or exposure to sick humans or animals. All 8 of the primary case-patients had altered mental status followed by loss of consciousness and death.

The median duration from illness onset to death was 6 days. The median age of all 14 case-patients was 32 years.

We limited this study to clusters in which no case-patients had a history of drinking fresh date palm sap.

In the community, the team used a structured questionnaire to interview surviving case-patients and the friends, relatives, and neighbors of deceased case-patients as proxy respondents.

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Among the 14 case-patients, 7 had illness onset during January–March 2011 in Rangpur District (first cluster), 3 had illness onset in February 2012 in Rajshahi District (second cluster), and 4 had illness onset during January–February 2014 in Rangpur District (third cluster).

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