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Pamela Brown through her reporting skills has managed to grab millions of attention and fan. On an event of “Nerd Prom” organized by White House, the reporter is said to have arrived with her boyfriend T. Ostrander where the duo was found exchanging greetings with her Kentuckians fellow.Therefore, while seeing her broadcast first few questions about her status and singularity would ultimately strike her fans. Even though the couples were spotted in plenty of social events the reporter has not disclosed anything about her relationship with him officially nor has she mentioned anything about her being in a relationship. C Ostrander, Pamela Brown and George Clooney at the White House Correspondents Dinner weekend (2012) Pamela has kept her private life extremely secretive. She graduated from Henry Clay High School in Lexington and from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she obtained a degree in broadcast journalism.IMDB An online listing of Pam's TV and film career. Pamela The official site and fan club offers visitors news updates, appearances, photos and an online store.Pamwatch A diehard fan site with handful of articles and interviews, as well as a nice collection of photos.Pam made her shoots before she overloaded on the bleach and silicone.If you haven't seen those early shoots, go to and join their Cyber Club (NSFW - duh! After gracing the pages of the esteemed men's magazine during the early 90's, Pam pumped up the breasts and squeezed her sexy body into a tight red bathing suit for the lifeguard drama "Baywatch" before trying to go solo as a legit actress.As the years go by, it's harder to put Pam up there as one of the hottest celebs, but there are plnety of photos and videos out there of her in her prime for you to enjoy! Also, we tell you all about some of the best online dating sites and how you can use them to hook up with more women!On November 7, the Make-a-Wish Foundation celebrated its 15th annual Inter Continental Ball -- and they did it in style, with Pamela Anderson serving as the emcee for a live auction, a performance of Beatlemania Now, and the celebration of the Make-a-Wish Nightclub's first anniversary.

We can only assume that it sucked, especially since she hasn't made a movie since.She joined CNN in 2013 and is the co-anchor of CNN’s morning show New Day with Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo.Currently, she is working for CNN Washington and serves as the network's Justice correspondent."Baywatch" showed Pam at the top of her game though, and after a bumpy marriage to former Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee and a mediocre TV series, Pam disappeared from the limelight.(Click here to read the Bullz-Eye review of Seasons 1 & 2 of the show on DVD.) At one point, Pam downsized her money-makers, but then she went back to the huge ones. Check out these Dating Tips for all sorts of advice on how to finally get the girl!

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Mike Sherman was on the red carpet, where he shared a moment with Miss Anderson to discuss the evening.

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